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In 2018, my co-founder Georgina and I had a light bulb moment. People going through cancer need better support; technology can help them to be in control of their health.


As a medical doctor working in the NHS I was seeing patients who often did not have the information they needed. Even when they did, they never had enough time with their clinician. By the time they got home they were left feeling isolated and unsupported.


As a data scientist, Georgina recognised how cutting edge technologies such as machine learning could be used to understand and predict patterns and trends in healthcare. We both realised that through a mobile app, this technology could be applied to enable patients to understand their daily wellbeing and help them better manage their care. So we created Vinehealth.

Putting patients in control of their cancer treatment

Managing a complex condition like cancer and tracking all the medications, appointments, scans and lifestyle changes can be incredibly difficult. Current management systems are almost entirely manual and analogue. But when done well, self management enables people to better deal with their side effects, remember to ask their doctor the questions they need answers to, and understand when and who to ask for help.


Studies have shown that by simply tracking your symptoms and side effects, and communicating this to your doctor, can improve your quality of life and increase your survival rate by up to 20%.


Accelerating digital cancer care

We wanted to both empower patients and transform the delivery of cancer services and development of cancer therapeutics.


So, we set about working with patients, clinicians and providers to understand their needs. Along the way we’ve been fortunate to work with some brilliant accelerators like Google for Startups, Digital Health.London, P4, Entrepreneur First and GovStart UK.


In January Vinehealth was recognised as Deloitte's Healthtech Start-up of The Year, earning us a Deloitte practitioner - Jack - on a pro-bono basis for 6 months. We have also recently been named the "Global Healthcare Startup of the Year" by the World Healthcare Journal. We are delighted to have received these accolades to validate our mission to transform global cancer care.


The Vinehealth mobile app will launch in early 2020 and will be available to download from the Apple store and Google play store.

Rayna Patel, Co-founder & CEO

Our Team
Rayna Patel 
Co-Founder & CEO
Georgina Kirby
Co-Founder & CTO
Ravi Khiroya 
Operations Associate
Daniel Karpinski
Engineering Lead
Riccardo Mangiapelo
Data Scientist
Cole Lilley
Digital Marketing Manager
Anastasiia Kucherenko 
Lead User Experience Designer
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