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Vinehealth announces partnership with Bowel Cancer UK

Vinehealth is thrilled to announce its partnership with leading charity Bowel Cancer UK ,whose mission is to save lives and improve the quality of life for anyone living with bowel cancer. The charity works tirelessly to campaign for early diagnosis and access to better treatment and care, whilst also researching and educating professionals & the public about bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer UK has created an incredible community that supports people living with cancer and their families, from podcasts to online forums, and informative booklets and advice. Giving a real sense of belonging, as they recognise how important it is to connect people together, enabling people to share their journeys with cancer. Vinehealth has partnered with Bowel Cancer UK to further enhance the supportive content in their app to anyone living with cancer in the UK and Ireland. This invaluable information is now live in the Vinehealth app, enabling more people to access the charity’s helpful resources and continue to improve the quality of life for people with cancer.

The Vinehealth app allows patients to better track, manage, and understand their care, including their symptoms, side effects, and communication with carers and medical professionals. It also recognises the fundamental importance of a patient’s wellbeing and mental health, especially during the pandemic. Naturally, patients are more anxious due to self-isolation, changes in treatments and being considered high-risk with respect to COVID-19. The platform enables those self-isolating to monitor their side effects of treatment and overall wellbeing, allowing patients to take control of their experience and to share data with their clinicians that will help them manage their treatment together. Patients also have access to short courses, breathing & relaxation techniques– all to aid wellbeing and to improve the patient’s experience through their treatment journey and ultimately, outcomes from cancer.

This partnership with Bowel Cancer UK is a fundamental step towards further enriching the Vinehealth ecosystem and providing resources for as wide a range of patients as possible. As this continues to grow, so will the emphasis of changing the paradigm of cancer treatment and putting quality of life first.

The Vinehealth app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

www.vinehealth.ai www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk