• Ravi Khiroya

The Importance of Data Security at Vinehealth

We’re all used to hearing that the world is becoming increasingly connected, and more information than ever is being shared digitally between friends, colleagues and their wider network. As a digital health company, we are part of this world. However, we also know that your health is a private matter and that you and only you should have control over what health information is shared and who it’s shared with.

“At Vinehealth we take the privacy and security of your health information very seriously”

We’ve built the Vinehealth app to help you help yourself through cancer treatment. While a cancer diagnosis can seem to turn your life upside down, the Vinehealth app is there to simplify things and help you adjust to your new normal. It’s precisely because the app’s for you that anything you enter into the app isn’t shared with anyone else (including us!) unless you give them permission. This means that not even your loved ones can see what you’ve recorded in the app unless you let them. At Vinehealth, we manage this by asking you explicitly for consent to share your information with anyone that requests it and keeping a record of what you’ve allowed and what you haven’t. Since you’re in control, you can also change these permissions at any time.

Protecting your personal information is the other side of the same coin. It’s at the top of our minds that giving you full control over sharing your personal information is meaningless unless it’s kept completely secure. That’s why we’ve made sure that the Vinehealth app has been built in line with best practice cybersecurity guidelines, including full encryption of anything you enter into the app. The steps we’ve taken go above and beyond the requirements to work with the NHS. Our dedicated team is constantly updating our cybersecurity measures to honour our commitment to privacy and security of your health information. This commitment will never change.