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Patient Advisor: Marie McGlinchey

Feedback and ideas from the Vinehealth users are a crucial part in development of our app.

To ensure we are developing an app with features that will be beneficial to our users and that are intuitive and easy to understand, we regularly speak to them to help us validate each feature and design in the app.

In this blog, please meet Marie, one of our patient advisors, who has participated in various user research studies, and helped us to understand how to improve users' experience and what we should build next.

Marie's Patient Advisor profile

  • Bowel cancer patient

  • User research sessions held: 6 and counting

  • User research types: usability testing sessions, interviews, surveys

  • Hours spent on interviews: 3+ hours

  • Features worked on: Adding medications into the app, delaying and resuming cycles, tracking in the app

  • Ideas suggested: 4

  • Been helping with user research since April 2021

Marie's thoughts

"I started using the Vinehealth app back in January 2021 while on a 3 month chemo break to keep a track of my daily medication, temperature and affects that I was experiencing. Before using the app, I was keeping a daily journal on my phone.

I started to provide user feedback to the team via DM then was invited to provide feedback via Zoom. As a user, I found this helpful, given that I'm using it everyday. Since then I have been invited to help further on changes to the app, asking for my feedback. As I'm now retired, I'm happy to help others, share my experience and awareness. There is so much more that can be offered to cancer patients.."

Becoming a Patient Advisor

Would you like your ideas to be heard? Get in touch by contacting us here, mentioning "Patient Advisor" in the email title.