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Developed by oncology experts, enhanced by artificial intelligence

Discover truly personalised, scalable patient support programmes

Phenomenal patient engagement

Rich PRO data

Optimised outcomes

Compliance rates of 100% with QoL measures such as EQ5D



  • Rich, real-time adherence, toxicity and quality of life data

  • 100% PRO completion

  • Streamlined AE reporting

  • Bespoke patient and clinician alerts

  • Fully customisable

  • Regulatory compliant

  • Interoperable with EHRs and other clinical software

  • Language translations available

For healthcare professionals and life sciences

  • Achieve exceptional patient engagement

  • Track rich adherence, toxicity and quality of life data

  • See, pre-empt and rapidly address clinical deteriorations

  • Optimise clinical trial and real-world effectiveness


Rich patient understanding & predictive analytics

Increased patient engagement

Effortless decentralised trials

Efficient clinical care and communication

Patient-centric service design

Support regulatory decision-making

Available in the UK and US

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