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The Vinehealth app helps you to track, manage and understand your treatment, and #BeInControl of your cancer care.

Track your medication

Get important reminders

Take appointment notes

Log your symptoms and wellbeing

Get a detailed overview of your progress

Meet the Founders

In 2018, co-founders Georgina (Data Scientist) and Rayna (NHS Doctor) had a light bulb moment. People going through cancer need better support; technology can help them to be in control of their health.

What our early testers had to say

"There are times during cancer treatment where it gets really hectic. Lots of appointments, sometimes up to 20+ pills a day to remember. I believe Vinehealth will help me to keep on top of what needs doing, track my symptoms, and enable me to focus on my recovery."

Dave, 39

Stage 4 Bowel Cancer

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