The app that simplifies cancer care

The Vinehealth app helps you to track, manage and understand your treatment, and #BeInControl of your cancer care.

Track your medication

Get important reminders

Take appointment notes

Log your symptoms and wellbeing

Get a detailed overview of your progress

In 2018, co-founders Georgina (Data Scientist) and Rayna (NHS Doctor) had a light bulb moment. People going through cancer need better support; technology can help them to be in control of their health.

"There are times during cancer treatment where it gets really hectic. Lots of appointments, sometimes up to 20+ pills a day to remember. I believe Vinehealth will help me to keep on top of what needs doing, track my symptoms, and enable me to focus on my recovery."

Dave, 39

Stage 4 Bowel Cancer

If you or a loved one is going through cancer, get our app.