We use thoughtful technology to help you through cancer

Vinehealth® is a mobile app to support cancer patients and their loved ones through treatment by allowing them to easily track, manage and understand their care.


The Vinehealth app supports people to understand their symptoms and side effects, and helps them to communicate with their care team. The app also delivers reminders about medications and appointments and provides reliable, up-to-date information on how to manage treatment and lifestyle issues.

Co-developed with hundreds of patients, as well as with NHS oncologists, Vinehealth connects patients to their clinical team, helping them to feel confident and in control.

We support people with cancer in finding their new normal.

The Vinehealth app has been featured as a helpful service by Macmillan Cancer Support for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatment.


We help you to stay on track with your medication and appointment schedule, providing reminders and encouraging you to add notes, so that you feel more confident and in control of your treatment. Schedule allows you to update your daily calendar, working as a digital journal to refer back to whenever you need.


By logging your experience with Vinehealth, your care team can get a deeper understanding of your experience with cancer, and take the necessary steps to ensure that you are receiving the most relevant care. Each log option will help provide a holistic view of your current care, and will help to provide key indicators on how your treatment can be tailored to you.



Our Reports feature lets you review all your activity and symptoms in one place - making it that bit easier to talk with your care team about how you’ve been doing. Remember, logging daily will make your reports even more comprehensive.

Our Articles Library

Within the app you can find access to an extensive library of articles and information from a vast range of charity and clinical partners. This information is regularly reviewed and updated, to make sure that we can collate the most up to date knowledge based designed to help you understand and manage your care. Whether you’re looking for information on side-effect management, nutrition, what to expect from your treatments, or more, visiting our articles library can help.


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What our users say:

“I find the user interface is so quick and simple that to ‘log’ for the day only takes a minute. I’ve given up with similar apps before because the daily logging takes too long.”



Clinician Testimonials

"I wish Vinehealth was around when I was diagnosed. It would have made it so easy to keep track of things, and make sure that my oncologist was getting accurate info instead of relying on my chemo-brain."
Dr Liz O'Riordan

"Having had reports like those in the app shared with me before the phone call with a patient would have been very useful indeed – especially during COVID".

“Vinehealth extends the depth and breadth of information available to allow them to make the best possible decision regarding the care with the clinical team. The platform also allows carefully curated information to be shared with the patient. Patients can definitely benefit from the advantages it offers.”
Professor Geoff Hall

"The app is a brilliant idea!"
Clinical Nurse Specialist 

"The Vinehealth remote monitoring and support app is an important development in improving cancer patient outcomes and experience and will be invaluable during the Covid pandemic."
Professor Muntzer Mughal

"Nurses were really pleased to facilitate the App study as they said it gave them something to offer patients when they were on their own and not having the usual support in hospital of friends and family."
Clinical Research Nurse 

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